Students Senate on SDGs

The main goal of the project is to Mobilize, Prepare and Support young people in primary and secondary to actively participate in sustainable development initiatives, promote prosperity and economic opportunities, human well-being and protect the environment.


The Student Senate on Sustainable Development Goals (SSS-Initiative) is an initiative by Universal Health and Development Foundation (UHDF) in partnership with the SDG secretariat, Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda (OPM) aimed at providing effective demand-driven, context-specific and evidence-based policy advice, tools, resources and technical support to young people in primary and secondary schools to enable them acquire necessary knowledge, values and skills that address profound sustainable development challenges and build more prosperous and resilient communities.


Under a four (4) phased approach, the initiative encourages, promotes and supports school projects developed through active participation and involvement of students with support from teachers and other actors. All projects are aligned with SDG goals, targets and indicators with direct impact to the students, school and the community through the School-Community Partnership (SCP). The initiative runs through established student senates (clubs) in all partner schools where leaders and members of the senate get trained and their capacity built to effectively plan, manage, implement and monitor the school based projects.


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Collective efforts go along way in supporting communities that we serve.