Founder & Executive Director 

Dr. Opio Jerry James

Manager of Clinical services

Ms. Jelena Sekulic

Resource Mobilization Associate

Mr. Mudiya Samuel 

Manager Community Engagements

Mr. Yutaro Shiba

Resource Mobilization and Partnerships officer

Ms. Joan Tusingwire Joshan

Manager of Finance

Dr. Salaamu Francis

Deputy Manager of Clinical services

Ms. Precious Mwebesa

Coordinator of Clinical Services 

Mr. Ethan Lewis Alexander 

Youth Engagement officer

Mr. Henry Kwaibwe Ngobi

Manager of  Finance and Administration

Ms. Minisa Muusenero

Community Engagement Officer 

Lutaaya Byangi Paddy

Deputy Manager of Programs


Lets Works Together as we aim at:

Empowered communities in which the youths and their families are healthy, literate and prosperous.