Medical Camps & Outreaches

The goal is to provide access to free medical care and health education services to vulnerable populations in underserved communities to improve their health, wellness, quality of life and health seeking behavior. UHDF mobilizes the necessary resources and volunteers teams and coordinates with host communities to plan and execute the activities.


Every year there are two main medical camps organized after every six (6) months and the medical camps happen between the first quarter and the last quarter of the year. Emergency outreaches can be organized to respond to an immediate need for medical services by a particular group of people including in humanitarian settings. The camps are organized in partnership and supported by government and local communities including religious and cultural instructions, volunteers and private sector among others.

During the medical camps, our team of volunteers is composed of;

  • Qualified medical professionals
  • Social Care professionals
  • Community Hosts
  • Logistics and support.

We provide the following services.

  • Community health Education
  • Screening and diagnostic services
  • Treatment of Common illnesses
  • Nutritional demonstrations



Partner with UHDF

Collective efforts go along way in supporting communities that we serve.