Employing the Unemployable

Employing the Unemployable project focuses on young women facing exploitation, abuse and violence to empower them through skills development to acquire knowledge and confidence to be able to lobby and advocate for better services.


Our main objective is to engage young women and empower them with skills development to improve their livelihoods. As Ugandans recover from the COVID 19 pandemic, women have experienced inequalities and imbalances in resource distribution and this has left many key populations stigmatized and discriminated thereby remaining in abject poverty. Due to their status, society has painted teenage mothers as a disgrace thereby remaining unemployable, vulnerable with little or no sources of income and denied health services.


The project works together with the rights holder groups in Butaleja district to change the narrative through empowerment and skills development leading to immediate and long-term employment. Every year conduct practical skills trainings in 5 skills categories with 25 beneficiaries for each category including (1) Bakery and confectionary, (2) Tailoring and fashion design, (3) Hair dressing and makeup, (4) foot ware, (5) cosmetics and detergents, to startup their small businesses that will bring immediate and long-term income to the beneficiaries. We engage the community through skills expos to showcase their products and skills acquired by the beneficiaries.


Partner with UHDF

Collective efforts go along way in supporting communities that we serve.